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Scently Sensational Shower Gels

Wednesday, February 15 2012

Avon shower gels are now at a sweet savings of $ 1.89 each! Naturals shower gels in Strawberry and White Chocolate smells dee-lish!!! At $ 1.89 you can stock up for a few months. There are seven scents to choose from: Banana & Coconut, Pomergranate & Mango, Strawberry & Guava, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla, as well as Cherry Blossom. Yum! Give your Valentine something to remember - you with a memorable scent! Gift to family, friends, and co-workers. All you need is a cute card! Make it happen - make it great - make it Avon! View this offer and many more in our current campaign 5 Avon catalogue. Avon Naturals shower gel Offer available Campaign 5, back cover. Happy Scent-sational Shopping - Sherry Http://